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  • What automotive manufacturer vehicles will you modify and tune?
    We can install basic bolt on parts on most brands. Feel free to ask us if we offer any support for your specific vehicle. Regarding internal engine modifications, or for things that require custom dyno tuning, we only support GM and Mopar vehicles (LS, LT, and Hemi platforms).
  • Can I bring my vehicle in for a dyno tune only?
    We do not offer dyno tuning on vehicles that we do not build. However, we still offer simple tuning re-flashes that include the following: speedometer recalibration, DOD/AFM/MDS deactivation, VVT deactivation, or basic calibrations for LS swapped vehicles. Feel free to stop by anytime to have these services performed, typical turnaround time is less than an hour. Our dyno is used daily for tuning our in-house builds, which leaves us with no time to accommodate outside dyno tune only jobs.
  • Will you install parts I provide?
    No, we will not install parts that are provided by the customer.
  • Do you work on Ford vehicles?
    We will install basic bolt on parts only that do no require custom tuning (CAI, Catback Exhaust, Catch can, etc). For anything that requires internal engine modifications or custom dyno tuning, we do not support the Ford platform at this time. We will install and tune Holley fuel injection systems on certain classic Ford vehicles.
  • How do your stage packages work?
    Each package is designed to provide optimal performance for your vehicle based on what level you choose. We provide you with as accurate of an estimate for parts and work to be done to your vehicle. Upon approval of the estimate, we ask for down payment of the parts up front, and once your parts have all arrived we schedule your vehicle for install. Remainder of the total bill will be due upon pickup of vehicle.
  • Does modifying my vehicle come with a warranty?
    No, performance modfications to vehicles are not subject to warranty. Performance parts are an aftermarket item designed to optimize performance in your vehicle. Aftermarket performance parts do not come with factory warranty coverage. Some aftermarket performance part manufactures do provide thier own independent warranty on their parts. Upon pickup of the vehicle we will provide you with that manfuactures warranty paperwork.


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