TES Performance is now Lonestar Horsepower!

Read below to find out why!

TES Performance originally started in 2009 as a subsidiary of Total Engine Service, INC, in Lubbock TX.  From the beginning, it was managed and operated by Mitch Walraven, and the business remained a subsidiary of Total Engine Service until December of 2016.  After many successful years of setting records and achievements, the decision was made to separate from Total Engine Service. In January of 2017 Mitch partnered with Casey Gibson, and they created TES Performance as an independent entity. Mitch and Casey have owned and operated TES Performance since this time.  This change of ownership was not known to the general public; however, Mitch and Casey carried on the TES Performance name, continued to build the business, and continued to grow it for the next three years without inconveniencing clients.


This brings us to today, January 2020.  After many months of thought and consideration, Mitch and Casey have made the decision to establish their independence publicly. In order to take the business to the next level, Mitch and Casey are officially rebranding TES Performance as Lonestar Horsepower, LLC.  While the name may have changed, the attention to detail, customer service, and staff you have come to know and love, remains the same.  We look forward to continuing new innovation, and to taking the company to new heights.  We thank all of our loyal clients and future clients to come for your support!   

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