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Lonestar Horsepower is your one stop shop for everything modern GM and Mopar Performance. Utilizing over  two decades of racing knowledge, we focus on providing you with the highest quality products with the most cutting-edge performance parts on today’s market. We provide our customers with an itemized package opportunity that best fits their performance goals. Starting with our stage 1 bolt-on packages, all the way to one off custom high horsepower builds. We only work with the highest of quality parts and that’s why we’ve partnered with the best companies currently on the market.

Looking to gain some additional power in your late model vehicle? Choose from any one of our stage packages we offer to unlock those hidden horsepower gains! Want something a little more competitive? We offer consultation services for customers seeking the challenge of breaking the limits, and setting new records.

For those who are interested in bringing their hot rod classics into the modern day era. We offer one off customization for your engine platform of choice.

Contact us today to make your horsepower goals a reality!

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